Listed in the Prime Standard market segment of Deutsche Börse, the financially strong TELES AG Informationstechnologien can look back on a success story spanning over 20 years in the innovative telecommunications technology and services market.  The TELES Communication Systems (TCS) area deals with developing and marketing trendsetting infrastructure systems for telecommunications networks. These systems are particularly suited to manage the shift from classical switch technology to VoIP technology taking place all over the world.

Teles Communications Systems acquired IP Gear that was formerly the Communications division of B.O.S. Better On-Line Solutions Ltd. known as Boscom.



VoIP Gateways
The TELES range of VoIP gateways provide an easy answer to the dilemma facing many enterprises today: how to best take advantages of VoIP without incurring the budget-intensive costs associated with legacy infrastructure switch-out? The TELES family of full-featured, superior VoIP gateways provide the comprehensive solution for all of your enterprise VoIP needs: seamless integration with in-situ infrastructure and multiple business application scenarios ensure immediate risk-free return on investment.

Mobile Gateways
ITELES mobile gateways provide a consolidated mobile, PSTN and VoIP gateway solution to carriers and corporate network customers seeking to connect their PBX to mobile and VoIP services. These versatile carrier-grade gateways can be quickly and easily added to ISDN and IP environments for optimum least cost routing and other advanced call routing and rerouting applications. All TELES mobile gateways are common PSTN and VoIP signalling protocol equipped, ensuring complete compatibility in multi-vendor environments.

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