Mission Statement

Telrad Connegy provides high-value telecommunication solutions at cost effective
prices to organisations of all sizes worldwide.

Telrad Connegy builds on over five decades of experience in analogue and digital telephony, accumulated as a former division of Telrad Networks. In the year 2000, well before IP emerged as the basis for next generation enterprise telecommunications, Telrad Connegy was formed as a merger between this division and Congruency, a VoIP startup company boasting the world's first colour touch-screen desktop phone, i.Picasso.



Business philosophy
Today, Telrad Connegy is a world-renowned strategic provider of converged telecommunication solutions to organizations of all kinds, sizes and dynamics. With a commitment to innovative development, experience accumulated over decades of involvement, the vision to anticipate market trends and the agility to act on them, Telrad Connegy has become a leader in its field.

Why Telrad Connegy?
In today's increasingly aggressive competitive environment, our customers need every advantage to win. The way an organization communicates directly impacts its ability to run effectively and to compete. We at Telrad Connegy realize that, and have designed our advanced solutions to enable our customers to be more productive. Since we ourselves live in a competitive environment we have chosen our own winning strategy: Provide the best quality solutions at competitive prices.

Telrad Connegy Solutions
The telecommunications market is undergoing a major change with the coming of age of VoIP technology. Customers want the immense benefits VoIP offers, such as convergence of voice and data, unified messaging and overall reduction in cost. At the same time they are justifiably worried about technological maturity, voice quality and system endurance under physical or software attack.

Telrad Connegy's latest solution, AdvanceIP, provides all that and more. A truly converged system, it supports both TDM and VoIP telephony, ensuring that you get the reliability and quality of a telephony system you are used to, coupled with all the innovation VoIP has to offer, and at a minimal migration cost.

Our Evergreen Policy
Your migration to a Telrad Connegy system will be your last. We know every move to a new system is costly and painful. That is why our solutions are designed with a built-in concept of Evergreen: Whatever new technology emerges, you will be able to upgrade your system to support it at a minimal cost. You will never have to replace your phones. You may even use your existing extensions with our system, and buy new phones only when you expand.

Join the success
With over 50 years in the business, it is no wonder we have a vast distribution channel and well over 40 thousand customers. In fact: some organizations have been our customers ever since we've been in business, and are a testament to the quality of our products. Our system of distributors provides for our global reach, but also adds a local touch. You are invited to join our customer base and enjoy this success.

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