About Topex VoIP and GSM gateways

TOPEX is among the most innovative, fast growing European manufacturer of telecommunication equipment, providing a wide range of telecommunication applications. The company has over 18 years of experience in research, development and manufacture of both civil and military telecommunication devices.

Our company acts like a bridge between analogue, digital, IP telephony systems in wired and wireless environments.

TOPEX philosophy is built around the syntagm "everything connects". This is the expression of our credence, vehicle for the internal evolution of the company and interface for external contacts.

TOPEX's leveraged expertise includes: Next Generation Network solutions {Softswitch, Media Gateways for TDM, VoIP, GSM and CDMA (2G,3G), Signalling Gateways (SS7, ISDN, R2, SIP, H323)}, Broadband Wi-Fi Mobile Routers, Fixed-Mobile Terminals (2G, 3G) and ATC Voice Communication Systems.

TOPEX products address the needs of business today that demand communication convergence at lower costs and the ability to exploit the Internet and existing data networks with VoIP for cheaper cost calling.

All the products are developed by TOPEX own Research & Development Department which has as its main goal the provision of future-ready telecommunications equipments.

Our company offers you profitable and practical solutions: the entire range of equipments is very easy to customize and enhance (flexible, upgradeable configurations).

In order to achieve effective and flawless manufacturing of its products TOPEX has organized complete production facility in Europe. The company has proven the quality of its resources being permanently present in the most important markets on Europe. It delivers its products worldwide through a global distributor network.


Mobilink ISDN2 Gateway

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